Patron Program

The Global Organization of Multi-day Ultramarathoners (GOMU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the future of multi-day running worldwide. By donating, you will support the organization's operating expenses and help them host the 48-hour and 6-day World Championships in 2024.

Your contribution will be utilized in the following ways:

- Provision of prizes such as national and age group certificates, unique medals, and one-of-a-kind trophies for the World Championships.

- Coverage of travel expenses for one or two officials to attend the event.

- Payment of administrative costs, including yearly registration fees, website management, and banking fees. 

We appreciate your consideration in donating to GOMU and helping us make the 2024 World Championships a success for all multi-day runners. Thank you.

Our organization, GOMU, has partnered with Zeffy to raise funds for our World Championships and operating expenses. You can make a one-time or recurring donation and choose the amount you wish to donate. Additionally, you can become a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze patron to show your support.

Zeffy doesn't charge for donations to GOMU. Instead, they suggest a "tip" on top of the gift. It's optional and goes to Zeffy directly. The default tip is 12%, but it's changeable to any amount, including 0%.

GOMU would like to celebrate and recognize our supporters by listing you on our Patron Page at and sending you a personalized "thank you" note from our president. When you donate, you can choose to be named, or if you would prefer to stay anonymous, just let us know. We are incredibly grateful for your patronage!

How can you continue to help GOMU? 

GOMU would also like to honor and reward individuals who make a significant donation to our organization annually by acknowledging their generous contributions. 

Under the "Yearly Donation" tab, this program offers four different levels that you can choose from.


Patrons who donate at these levels will receive the following benefits. A "thank you" note from our president and a personalized Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level plaque for the current year, which you can proudly display in your home or office as our acknowledgment for your generous support of the GOMU organization and its mission.

Please consider donating today to help us continue our mission. We appreciate any amount you can donate; every dollar helps. 

Thank you, and cheers to a great 2024 Championship Year!