Non-Standard Multi-Day world records

Credit to the Sri Chimnoy Marathon Team & Andy Milroy

A record in our database will have a status that is one of the following:

Initial. These are the best marks we are aware of before GOMU's founding, based largely on data obtained from statisticians Andy Milroy and Sahishnu Szczesiul. All were performed on certified courses subject to NGB sanctioning and have verified lap splits.

GOMU-ratified. These are marks achieved after GOMU's founding for our standard or non-standard formats, other than 48-hour and 6-day, that have had paperwork submitted and have passed the GOMU ratification procedure. Our application form, containing the requirements, may be found here. 

IAU. We reflect IAU 48-hour and 6-day records into our database so that all multi-day records can be found here. 

IAU split. These are marks achieved as splits in an IAU record (e.g., 4 days in a 6-day race, 300 km in a 48-hour race). We record these when IAU ratifies the record, when certified lap splits are available, without the need for an explicit application.

Pending. These are marks that exceed the current official mark in our database but have not had paperwork submitted yet or are still pending ratification by GOMU or IAU.

World Records for Non-Standard Multi-Day Ultra Distance Marks