Global Organization of Multi-Day Ultramarathoners

Dedicated to the history and record-keeping of the sport of multi-day ultramarathoning

who we are

GOMU is the World Body of Multi-Day Ultramarathoning that keeps the records for all multi-day distances/times for women and men. We hold the GOMU Multi-Day World Championships so athletes can contest these records and be inspired to transcend their limits. We embrace the past to inspire our future.


Trishul cherns - president

Canada, USA

yiannis kouros - Vice president

Greece, Australia

viktoria brown - vice president

Canada, Hungary

Jess Mullen (USA) - Secretary

Rick McNulty (USA) - Treasurer

Eoin Keith (Ireland) / Bob Hearn (USA) - IT

Emily Kazmac (USA) - Marketing

Arun Kumar Bhardwaj (India)

Abichal Sherrington (Wales)

Eric Frank Wright (South Africa)

Start of the first certified 1000 mile race in the modern multi-day era

1985 Sri Chinmoy 1000 mile race